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From semis to snowblowers, and mowers to Mack trucks, Wrench Worx has you covered

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Providing Expert & Honest Service to the Grand Valley

Our Service

We are a local company that repairs all makes and models of equipment and vehicles of all shapes and sizes. We do repairs from oil changes to engine replacements. we keep costs of repairs fair and within reasonable reach for everyone. We are mobile and have a shop, we are on call 24/7/365 for all repairs.

Our History

Wrench Worx has been in operation for 10+ years. We are a locally owned and operated mechanic shop. We care about our community. Our little shop is growing and looks forward to helping you in the future. Our highly trained office staff and mechanics are ready and willing to help you with all your mechanical needs.

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Shyloh and Robin

Our Experts

We have an amazing staff here to help you!



Owner / Expert Mechanic

Nate has been wrenching for over 33 years. He has worked on everything from cars, trucks, semis, construction and ag equipment, large diesel equipment, and airline equipment. His nickname from his wife is “Mr. MacGyver” because he will work on and fix anything he touches. Nate is also one of the owners of Wrench Worx.

Nate passions include God, family, aviation, hunting, and camping.

Nate’s favorite vehicle is a Ford F250 King Ranch.

1 Bucket List Item: See the Northern Lights

If you could go anywhere….. Venice


Small Engine Mechanic

Joe is our small engine mechanic and he has been working on small engines for over 15 years. Joe came to us from a different company and we have been blessed by his knowledge and what he brings to our little shop and family. Joe is married and has 1 child.

Joe’s passions include 4 wheeling, camping, and fixing stuff.

Favorite Vehicle: 1989 Lamborghini Countach 25th anniversary

1 Bucket List Item: Travel the World

Go anywhere… Space

Brad - Mechanic



Brad has been wrenching for over 10 years professionally. He actually started as a young boy with the men in his family. Brad has worked on and still drives his very first car, an ’89 Camaro. In his time working on vehicles, Brad has upgraded a powertrain to a 09 LS. He works on all foreign and domestic cars and trucks. Brian has 1 beautiful daughter he loves spending time with.

Passions: Brad is passionate about God, Family, and Horsepower

Favorite Vehicle: Chevy Camaro

1 Bucket List Item: US road trip in a Camaro

If you could go anywhere…. – Alaska.

Dustin - Mechanic



Dustin has been working on cars for over 17 years. His favorite thing to do is build custom motorcycles in his garage. Dustin works on just about everything. Cars, trucks, trailers, RV’s. He has been happily married for 8 years and has 4 wonderful kids.

Passions: Dustin is passionate about building motorcycles, hot rods, and beer

Favorite Vehicle: Chevys

1 Bucket List Item: Skydiving

Where would you go if you could go anywhere? Florida, for the beaches.

Lucas - Mechanic's Helper and Front Desk Worker


Mechanic’s Helper and
Front Desk Coverage

Lucas is a helper of everyone. He is either working the front desk and helping customers or in the shop helping the mechanics. Lucas has worked off and on at the shop since he was little.  Wrench Worx is important to Lucas because it is his family business. Lucas is Nate & Robin’s youngest child. 

Passion: Jesus, Football, Baseball, his dogs, and video games

Favorite Vehicle: Ford F150 (Dream car is a Lamborghini LE Performante)

1 Bucket List: Skydiving with Mom

If you could go anywhere, where would you go? Fiji (so he could bottle his own water ????)

Office Staff

Robin - Owner and Office Manager


Owner / Office Manager

Robin is our office manager. She has been in customer service for 19 years. Robin has been in everything from managing a jewelry store to working at the post office. However, she finds joy in working with people one on one and enjoys the atmosphere of the shop. Robin is also the other owner of Wrench Worx and happens to be married to Nate. They have been together for 4 years. They have 6 kids between them and 4 grandchildren

Robin’s passions include God, her children, and grandchildren, being outside, photography, camping, cake decorating, and singing

If Robin could go anywhere she would go to Ireland or Australia.

1 Bucket list item: Skydiving

Favorite Vehicle: FORD all the way, but I like the 2020 Jeep Gladiator 

Shyloh - Secretary



Shyloh has been doing the job of receptionist since she was 11 years old helping out with her parents’ tow company. Shyloh is a dog mom of 2. Loves all animals, but has a soft spot for dogs. Shyloh will be the first face you see when you come to Wrench Worx. She is also the person to talk to about scheduling. 

Shyloh is passionate about: Writing, sleeping, having fun with friends, family, and animals (minus snakes & spiders) 🙂

If you could go anywhere: Scotland or Iceland

1 Bucket List Item: Travel all around Europe

Hard at Work!

Nate on the Phone
Nate under a car

Happy Customers

Our F550 based camper stopped in its tracks approaching an overpass, I was lucky to get it off the road before it stopped. Nate came over and got it running and to his shop. After a diagnosis, we agreed on an approach to fixing the truck..it now runs better than ever. Luckily, we live nearby and will entrust Nate and Wrench Worx with all of our camper’s maintenance.

“I broke down late Saturday night on the side of the highway with my 5 kiddos on my way home from Missouri to Utah. My harmonic balancer flew apart. Not only did Nate come out and try his darndest to fix it on the side of the road before AAA got there to tow it but seeing that wasn’t going to happen he helped get me and my 5 kids to the hotel, and had my 2008 Mercury Mountaneer up and ready to go before I needed to check out the next morning. ON A SUNDAY. Had this frazzled mom of 5 on the road faster than it usually takes to FIND a reliable mechanic. I cannot recommend these guys enough. Seriously.”

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